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AgVision is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions for precision agriculture.  We’ve teamed up with AgPixel to provide our customers with next-day turnaround of our base imagery products, and the ability to create custom map products for applications such as classification, plant density, emergence, disease detection, stand counts, and quantification.

As farmers, we understand the pressure on today’s growers to increase yields while reducing inputs. Remote sensing technology has come a long way over the last several years, allowing higher resolutions, faster processing times, and an increased ability to track the return on your investment.


How can high-resolution aerial imagery help your bottom line?

  • Detect general stress before it is visible to the human eye

  • Calculate acres of damage caused by weather or infestation

  • Save time during crop scouting efforts

  • Create variable rate herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide treatment plans

  • Establish modeling for yield forecasting

  • Measure grass biomass for grazing rotation pattern

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