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AgVision® is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions for precision agriculture

High-resolution color-infrared imagery used in classification maps can help producers more accurately determine their plant inventory.


By viewing key indicators, such as plant density, yields can be better estimated than with traditional methods.

Based on the canopy structure of a particular crop, our custom classification models can also ensure producers develop the best management plan for their unique crop.



AgVision aerial imagery can be used to create 3-D specialty models for a variety of applications, including:

  • Real estate Development

  • Land surface models

  • Volumetrics

  • Crop Phenotyping

  • Utility Maintenance

  • Urban planning

  • Mine reclamation

  • Drainage and tiling plans

  • Flood plain assessment

  • Disaster relief



Color-infrared maps allow producers to observe key yield indicators well before harvest time, such as seed emergence and plant canopy cover. Based on the structure of the particular crop, our custom classification models can help producers strategize where to replant and where to conduct further ground inspections.



Aircraft provides

  • Superior image processing (Colorized maps)

  • Next-day delivery of data products

  • Secure private infrastructure – No cloud storage

  • High volume processing capacity

  • Access portal for efficient data transfer

  • Easily consumable products for farm management

  • Expertise from data collection to farm integration

AgVision standard

product resolution:

Sample resolution:


  • Increase efficiency by pre-determining areas for ground sampling based on real-time conditions

  • Revisit previous sample sites and assess the effectiveness of implemented management practices using georeferenced maps

  • Utilize color-infrared technology to detect plant stress weeks prior to it being perceived by the human eye during ground inspections

  • Receive a comprehensive view of fields not visible from roads, paths, or vehicles


Insurance uses for aerial imagery:


  • Collect accurate acreage counts to provide a quick and fair assessment for all parties involved

  • Use geo-referenced field maps to determine damaged areas before verifying with a field inspection

  • Utilize color-infrared technology to detect plant stress that is not perceived by the human eye

  • Obtain a comprehensive view of the entire property not visible from the roads, paths, or vehicles

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